DMV test in Farsi
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Keep these suggestions in mind:

این پیشنهادها را در ذهن نگه دارید

  • Review the California Driver Handbook. It contains a lot of information and it may take you a few days to get through it.
  • Read the test questions carefully. Don't read anything extra into the question. There will be one correct answer and the other two answer choices will be either obviously wrong or not aulpropriate for the question asked.
  • Remember, all the test questions are taken from the handbook. If you miss a question, the field office employee can tell you on which page to find the correct answer.
  • Don't be nervous. DMV wants you to pass your test. Good Luck!

Did you know?

The written part of tests at all California DMV locations is the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

پرسشهای متداول

What age can I apply for my permit in CA?

In California, You may apply for your learner’s permit starting at age 15 ½.

Who needs to bring me for the permit test in CA?

Your parent, legal guardian, spouse, or licensed driving instructor age 25 or older must bring you for your exam.